Harry Styles is Back

One Direction’s lead singer Harry Styles has made his comeback since the band’s hiatus in December of 2016. Styles is set to release his first single since the band’s break and is Hollywood’s most talked about upcoming release.

Fans around the world are wondering what styles’ sound will be like, maybe a new summertime bop or a spring ballad. The whole world seems to be buzzing about the mystery song.

Harry released his artwork for the song as well as a teaser trailer with only subtle details as to what the song might be about.The short clip showed the star, soaking wet, walking across a dark room and towards a door bathed in light. Piano music plays in the background before the date April 7 flashed up on the screen at the end.

On march 30th he uploaded an Instagram post where he revealed nothing less than the title of his new song called “sign of the times”. Since then, it was also confirmed that Harry would be making his solo television debut on Saturday Night Live where he will appear on the show on April 15 alongside late night television host Jimmy Fallon, who announced the news via his own Twitter account.

The British heartthrob was in the spotlight previously as he made an appearance in the war movie “Dunkirk”. He debuted his acting skills; something which none of the other One Direction members have pursued. The movie hits the big screen July 21st of 2017. Now let’s see if Harry’s as talented at acting as he is at signing.

After the release of his single Styles will be the last member of the four British/Irish boyband who has debuted himself as a solo artist. Some would say they were saving the best for last. Make sure to give “sign of times” a listen, surely if you don’t listen on your own you’ll hear it on the radio and who knows you might even like it.

We’ll see what’s in store for the future of Harry and his other bandmates. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 3.50.03 PM


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