Sports: Stop Trying To Make CO-MVPs A Thing

Author: Adrienne J. Romero

Yes, both Russell Westbrook and James Harden are having incredibly historic seasons.

Yes, no one thought the Houston Rockets were going to be the No. 3 seed out of the ENTIRE NBA.

Yes, no one expected James Harden to be this dominant as a point guard.

Yes, we all knew Russ was going to go off this season, but we didn’t know he was really going to go off.

There’s no doubt that both of these magnificent, dominant players have certainly turned heads this season, but honestly, is it really that difficult to choose an MVP? Or are we just making it difficult?

Let’s look at it like this:

The Thunder were down by 21 points in the third, and then 14 points against the Orlando Magic halfway through the fourth quarter – Westbrook made it go into overtime, and guess what? He scored 26 points in OT, and led his team for the win and walked off that court with 57 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists, which by the way, is the most points ever scored while recording a triple-double.

The Thunder are 31-7 when Westbrook has a triple-double. OKC literally needs Westbrook; there would’ve been no way, shape, or form that the Thunder would clinch the playoffs without this triple double machine.

Let’s look at this in another perspective:

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player – the player who does everything in their very will and ability to led their team to victories.

Take away Russell Westbrook from the Thunder and James Harden away from the Rockets, and Houston would beat OKC in, probably, a landslide. And that’s simply because Houston has players who have a much better field-goal percentages than Oklahoma City does, and who have better chemistry with one another.

This is not intended to take shots at the other player or other team of course. It’s just to simply state how much credit will be taken away from Russ’s (basically) triple double season, if he doesn’t win MVP or the MVP gets split up, and everything’s he’s done for his team. You can see how much heart, dedication, hustle, charisma, and just all-around work Westbrook lays out on the court every single night.

Not only did Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant say it, but even Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson, the current holder of most triple doubles in a single season, said it himself: he wants Russ to break his record and would choose him for MVP.


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